This is the website of Susie Bedford, writing under her real name and her pen name of Lynne Pearl.

‘Thiel’, and why I write

My first novel ‘Thiel’ is about a search for a cure – written because we all search. I wanted to write in that sphere while bringing in love of home and ancient ways and the necessity of a spiritual vision to guide a life. The book is also about love of children.

I am moved by the dignity and grace of the people who grow our food, tend animals and how we treat them. I care about the animals that work by their side and who serve humankind with loyalty in their different ways. It is these values that I honour through Thiel’s disadvantage and I gave him animals to help him on his way to search for a cure.

‘Thiel’ is written as a search for a home and a cure.

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Travel poetry

Whether placed in the landscape of Eastern Canada, the far Western tip of Britain, or the Southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, travel is found to have a voice through quick, sharp poems in the tradition of the haiku and Kerouac. Love of movement, written while on the move, seeing the beauty of landscape sitting in the cafés and beaches of the world.

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Road Trip River Voices

Red fox, white snow,
Whale watching at Riviere du Loup
Hear the deep water spirit
At the foot of the ice falls,
Gorge driven,
Ice tide heaved,
Appalachian country divide
Lone lighthouse grey-gold sunset….

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Road Trip River Voices

“This exquisitely written narrative tells the story of Thiel, a lonely, gentle boy who is rejected by a mother who cannot handle his imperfections. Lynne Pearl is a sensitive writer who uses beautiful language to reveal the beauty of the soul.”

Iris Jones Simantel, best-selling author of Far from the East End