Thiel Book 2: Remaining Still

A boy, his teacher and a secret village of outcasts

Thiel Book 2: Remaining Still
Thiel 2 - cover
Cover art by Cath Whitehead

He stopped dead. He could not quite believe what he was seeing: houses, many of them, in the middle of a forest. What kind of people were they who lived here, in so secretive a manner that their houses blended so well with the terrain?

Arriving in an unknown land with an abandoned child and a wild pony as his steed, Thiel takes ownership of his inherited home, now derelict. Finding his way into a secret community that welcomes all who are lost and afraid, he receives sanctuary among other outcasts. He begins an apprenticeship with the village wise man, Achern, and his noble dog, Etharl. Here he learns and grows until the winds of modernity threaten the village’s way of life.

“Lynne Pearl is a sensitive writer who uses beautiful language to reveal the beauty of the soul.”

Iris Jones Simantel, best-selling author of Far from the East End

Thiel finds himself in a new community that is self-founding, a collection of those who have run from society, unwanted, feared and fearing, needing to find themselves and survive alone, scapegoats from their homelands, but together finding their feet over time.

They trade and pursue a way of life that is both ancient and very modern, asking their questions together. Here Thiel, the outcast, meets:
Mr Endicott and Mr Dickens, store keepers
Achern, Thiel’s teacher
Rurn, the village leader
Achern’s noble dog

Leaving his silence behind, Thiel is apprenticed to ancient ways.

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