Thiel Book 3: Sea Journeys

A tribe of siblings, a stolen donkey and a search for a cure

Thiel Book 3: Sea Journeys
Thiel 3 - cover
Cover art by Cath Whitehead

Who were the two figures? Thiel immediately thought of the danger. They were only expecting one person, another could mean danger, something had been given away. He didn’t like eleventh hour changes. Thiel barked an order to Arc, “Tell the captain to hold, keep one gangplank. Wait to set sail.”

In this third book, our hero Thiel travels from his home in Panchardiscott, in search of a cure for an unknown ailment from the ancient healers who have long since disappeared. On this journey he meets a family of grown-up children: Xta, Mim, Arc, Roc, Yemy and a bad-tempered donkey. Will the cure come in time before winter closes in and the sea storms come? Can he depart before the tides turn?

“Lynne Pearl is a sensitive writer who uses beautiful language to reveal the beauty of the soul.”

Iris Jones Simantel, best-selling author of Far from the East End

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