Road Trip River Voices: Canada Liminal

A Travelogue of Longing Across Two Continents

Road Trip River Voices: Canada Liminal
Road Trip River Voices
Cover art by Peter Berg

This collection of poems describes travelling from Canada to England and back again, describing en route the land of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick contrasted with Devon, as the author travels between the two. There is Christmas in the city and days in the countryside of Devon as well as living in the forests and lakes of Quebec. The Atlantic is visited from both sides, New Brunswick and Devon. There is the wildlife and the sea, all in colourful descriptions. It’s a travel poetry, when we cannot travel.

These poems are on the interstices of Canadian life: the meeting of wilderness and the city and the liminal space at the edge of the wilderness before the city has begun where humans and animals have a tentative relationship, testing the edges of civilization.

This is a journal of two years recorded in poetry, journeying back and forth painting a picture of a life of contrasts between two countries and their ways of life and living.

Road Trip River Voices begins with the title poem:

Road Trip River Voices

Red fox, white snow,
Whale watching at Riviere du Loup
Hear the deep water spirit
At the foot of the ice falls,
Gorge driven,
Ice tide heaved,
Appalachian country divide
Lone lighthouse grey-gold sunset….