There were mountains everywhere you looked. And it was fabulous, they could keep you awake at night with their presence. I kept the bedroom window open so their fresh air could strea, into the room with their presences. It felt like the Hall of the Mountain King, that there were essences or folk tales all about that lived in these high places.

The Amazing Art of Cath Whitehead

Cath does the same with her depictions of the countryside of Devon, with the light falling on the red soil churned in furrows by the plough and the sea as it sits moodily in a steep sided estuary. Trees become painted as giant friends, with almost a personality they are so firm and present to the viewer. The intrusion of the human world in the form of architecture becomes monumental and reduced to the bare minimum.

Cleeve Abbey, Somerset

We parked the car where it was dry and approached the area on foot. The first building we came to was a gatehouse and there was a notice there from the ‘Almoner’ to say that this was where food was given to the poor. The monks helped the local people when they were in trouble, needed food. Then beyond the gatehouse there is nothing until one reaches a building that looks like a later farm house. A drainage ditch or water supply leads from the gatehouse to the main buildings or the ruins of them that are left.

Spring Hawthorne

I was walking along the River in Somerset and there ,so early in the year ,was this Hawthorne, a whole tree ablaze against an azure sky. It seemed unreal after months of grey. But it was real. Cicely Mary Barker said in her poem illustrated by her painting of the Hawthorne fairy that the Hawthorne is the first. It is brave and forges ahead.

Poetry From A Railway Car

Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885 wrote, in ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses.’ :

From a Railway Carriage
‘Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches…

Canada Road: the Trees

From a kayak or even swimming in the lake looking back you can see that the land is all trees.  ..not used to seeing trees next to water, but not this is a land of blue water and green, a land of trees.

Bude, Cornwall in Winter

The wind is everywhere and the sky is over and above and the turf under your feet on the headland is springy. From here, there is a flag pole, and monument that tells you how far it is to the nearest land, and where. It is North America with thousands of miles of sea between. There is the fullness and the emptiness.

Its’ beauty just goes on and on and the world and any cares no longer exist and there is just this beauty and then not even that, just infinity and peace.

Canada Road 5

… saw white lightning strike the lake at the horizon straight from the thunder clouds!…