Canada Road: the Trees

From a kayak or even swimming in the lake looking back you can see that the land is all trees.  ..not used to seeing trees next to water, but not this is a land of blue water and green, a land of trees.

Canada Road 5

… saw white lightning strike the lake at the horizon straight from the thunder clouds!…

Canada Road 4

we visited the Mall to do our shopping and there was acres and acres of stuff. I cannot believe the size of the shop and even the size of the vegetables, big. And so many of my old favourites like Bran Muffins, Corn Bread and Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.

Canada Road 3

…Point Clark Lighthouse, after driving on the Main 21 Bluewater Highway, between miles and miles of green fields with crops like corn and potatoes. The Lighthouse had a museum set in the windy point. The museum documents he story of the generations of Lighthouse Keepers and their families, illustrated with old photographs.

Canada Road 2

Earlier the sun was crystal clear on the water, silver to the shore and clear. And I thought, it will be a great sunset tonight, I must go out and see it set.

Then next time I turned around, the sun had disappeared completely under a blanket of soft mist so that there was no sun, no sliver of moon, no horizon, or lake, just a sort of softness out there ….

Canada Road 1

…the long drive through Canadian country to get to the shores of Lake Huron and the sweetest cottage built of wood roof, floor, and walls. It’s like living in a forest and breathing wood.

We watch the sunsets at night.