There is also an Old Man Willow here that is just beginning, as if he heard the notes of Spring and decided to put a push on but then hesitated and is now waiting for a better moment. So the leaves are very gently there, of the palest green. Underneath is the perfect bench for looking at the tiny fronds that are the beginning, just like us.


From up here we can see fields of white, black trees, hedges, fences, stark in the early morning. There is a tunnel of winter wonderland trees. All the trees are adorned in white as if by a paintbrush, the hedges outlined in white. It’s a joy to see such beauty and be awake so early. We stop at the crossroads at the height of the hills, Seaton is one way and Sidmouth another. The pub up here in this desolate spot is the Hare and Hounds, sitting square to the crossroads.

Christmas Tree Festival

Blog by Lynne Pearl DECEMBER’ 22 CHRISTMAS TREES It’s the close of the year and so we have Christmas tree festivals.  There used to be ones in every major church in times gone by, but this year there was one in Crediton where they do a splendid one.  They have a splendid church to have…

Autumn Sea Storms

Living by the sea autumn brings storms Autumn is about trees and leaves changing colour but also when you are really close to the sea there are other things that are happening too.  Autumn means storms and the sea changing.  It used to be that one would turn up with swimsuit and towel, ready to dive under the waves and swim as far as possible,