The Amazing Art of Cath Whitehead

View From Dane’s Wood 12 x 16 inches

April 28 24


Blog by Lynne Pearl

Cath has been painting, in love with art since childhood, she would say and has always been fascinated by painting and art.  It is definitely a gift when you see the amount of art, the strength of it and how her whole house is filled with art.  This is not a mild interest this is a fine calling.  Where people usually sit in chairs there are paintings stacked up in their tens and propped on the stairs and in the spare bedroom which no longer houses human guests but paintings upon paintings.  The imagined world and the light of a vibrant perception is everywhere.

Autumnal Ponderings 19 x 15 inches

Cath started in watercolour and has moved into pastel but now mostly uses acrylic to achieve the effects she is after.  Her subject is mostly landscape and she enjoys the here and now but always looking beyond to something eternal.  She has organised painting holidays but now tends to paint with friends on a day painting in nature in the South West UK.

Cath has learnt much about technique.  She applies the colour richly and in the style of the 19th century Impressionists.  As I look at her painting of an estuary or of a tree, I am reminded of sitting in an art gallery in Paris that houses Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’.  Towards the end of his life he painted the water lilies in his garden at Giverney, not just a few small paintings, these are giant canvases which depict the light on the water and the lilies at every time of the day and how they change with the light, the sun and the water.  It is a closely examined and depicted art of the nature of change, moment by moment, the transitoriness of light and flowers on water.

Cath does the same with her depictions of the countryside of Devon, with the light falling on the red soil churned in furrows by the plough and the sea as it sits moodily in a steep sided estuary.  Trees become painted as giant friends, with almost a personality they are so firm and present to the viewer.  The intrusion of the human world in the form of architecture becomes monumental and reduced to the bare minimum.

Powderham Castle 15 x 18 inches

Cath interprets a world for us that is teeming with life and so beautiful in its colours that it almost hurts the eyes to view.  It is a celestial portrait of the Earth brought down for us to see and be inspired by.

Her latest exhibition will be at: PENNSYLVANIA  ART GROUP,   Engine House, Killerton House, Devon UK. May 19, 10 am to 4.30 pm

A percentage of anything sold will go to a charity for pastoral work in Uganda.

All are welcome.

Tree 12 x 16 inches

Painting of tor

Art by Cath Whirtehead ‘Dartmoor’